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SLADOVIĆ d.o.o. Guarantees that the supplied equipment is free from defects in the material and fabricated with normal use. Sladović is obliged to repair or replace equipment, at his option, without charge of FOB factories (no cost of transport of goods or people out on the field), for any part that has been proven to be defective, within one (1) year from the date of the original installation or 18 months from the date of delivery, whichever is the earlier, ie 24 months on the performed service, according to the currently applicable legal provisions.

For equipment, which is in the opinion Sladović Ltd., damaged in shipment or from improper installation or at work, or that has been misused or tampered parts in any way, will not accept the return and service under warranty.

Sladović d.o.o. shall not accept the reimbursement of expenses for the work of others or in co-operation, unless prior approval has been given to Sladović d.o.o. in the form of a purchase order. Sladović d.o.o. will not be liable for the exclusion, rejection or increased costs of other equipment, or any other loss or damage of any kind, either directly or indirectly, or arising for any other reason.

Sladović d.o.o. does not give another guarantee of any kind. No person has any authority to commit Sladović d.o.o. no other warranties except this warranty.


The warranty provider guarantees that the product has all the necessary properties for its regular use
or traffic for the purpose for which this device is intended but does not assume responsibility for the features
products that are necessary for the specific use or performance of the activity, which it has been
it is necessary to specially arrange, that is, that when contracting the purchase from the buyer is not
as requested by the seller, as well as for any lost profits due to the lack of the aforementioned
specific properties.
The warranty begins on the date of delivery of the purchased product to the end user, a
it is proved by the presentation of the invoice and / or the certified warranty list and with a detailed description of the failure.
The valid warranty card is the original warranty sheet attached to the product by the manufacturer.
The guarantee sheet must be properly filled in, signed and stamped by the party
seller (seller to end user).
If the original manufacturer’s warranty does not come with the product, it is recognized only
the warranty list of the representative (importer) or the original invoice for the specified part.
Product Warranty Damage will be removed without charge, only in
they are not caused by mechanical influences or by handling the opposite instructions for
use by the end user.
Warranty for sold spare parts is 90 days. The warranty on spare parts built into the service is 180 days.
The service warranty is also 180 days.
Service warranty only refers to the same defect, ie the malfunction of the service
component and does not cover the whole product’s functioning. Each product is after
the service is functionally tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


The Company of Sladović d.o.o. will notify the client in advance of the data they intend to publicly post.
In addition to the information that the client approves for public disclosure, all other information will be considered confidential.
If it is necessary to disclose confidential information, in accordance with legal or contractual obligations, the company will notify the client of the confidentiality.

The knowledge of a client to which the company from third sources will be considered confidential.QUALITY  POLICY , INSPECTION & SAFETY